Anal Sex Can Be Amazing

Most people, especially women, shiver when the words anal sex are mentioned if they have no experience with doing it. To them it may seem unclean or taboo. However, the majority of the clients seeking anal sex from escorts are married men, which confirms that many men actually enjoy anal sex but have partners who do not want to try it. Married women can spice up their bedrooms by having anal sex with their partners at least once in a while with great benefits to their union.

Women often believe that anal sex is only a painful experience, but when done properly with lubrication, patience, and easing into the act it can be a very pleasurable experience. Orgasm can even be achieved in the vagina during anal sex if the woman is aroused and treated with care during the act. And men enjoy the different sensation that the anal muscles provide against their hard cocks.

Anal sex can be a great option because there is no need to worry about unwanted pregnancies. Additionally, this can be a great way to achieve sexual satisfaction immediately after childbirth when the vagina is off limits for up to 6 weeks. Couples can welcome their new addition to their family while still being able to have some form of intimacy together.

Giving in to anal sex also shows your partner that you trust him with such a delicate area. Make sure that you let him know that you trust him and that you communicate throughout the act to ensure that you do not get hurt in the process. This will be a huge turn-on for your partner, knowing that you want to be his everything. Being an adventurous woman in the bedroom ensures that you keep your partner satisfied and focused on pleasing you as you do him.

Now before you go out and try anal sex you need to make sure you are prepared. You need a good lube, often one designed specifically for anal sex is best. You may want to do an enema, as some people feel safer when their system is clear. But in general you need to be calm and relaxed in order to truly enjoy the experience. If you are tense your anal muscles will be tight and this can cause you pain when your partner tries to penetrate your anal cavity with his hard cock.

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